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The field is the sole influence of the particle - Albert Einstein

Our Story

The inception of C-Vision began in 2004 when a few individuals, who spent all their lives contributing their skills and knowledge, at fortune 50 companies, envisioned to start a consulting firm, where they could each use their 20 plus years of valuable experience in providing strategy and execution for a greater number of businesses across the globe. Thus, leaving their secured careers behind; they opted to deliver services by growing teams of accomplished professionals.

By following their vision, C-Vision today, is a premium partner to some of the world’s largest and highly renowned organizations, in providing sound, no-nonsense advice and quality execution – to help them envision and meet their bigger goals, through meticulous implementations.

Our Vision

We have been continuously growing, since 2012, providing engineering and IT consulting services in USA and across the globe. We have been recognized for our high growth rate, our highly knowledgeable team of experts and innovators, who constantly strive to provide the best solutions to our clients. Our Customers appreciate our relationship with them; and we are perceived trust-worthy and loyal, due to our time-based, cost-based, and performance-based services we offer. C-Vision wants to help the clients build their strategy and future based on information that is reliable, accurate and precise.

Our Mission

We are a global consulting company specialized in providing solutions for critical IT problems. We take a holistic approach – we listen, analyze, design, build, test, deliver, and take feedbacks for further improvements. To us, customers always come first! We respect our partners, listen to our clients, and deliver the services they trust and value.
Our people interface with other people within and outside the organization to accomplish the assigned work; are resilient to challenges and changes; they strive to bring the best out of the people they work with; and constantly strive to harness the group synergy for creativity and fast results.

Our Value Statement

We Only Create A Positive Impact, In Every Relationship We Make.


Inspire & Empower

We constantly strive to help others make a positive difference, by leading one. We do whatever it takes to help each other succeed.



We are honest, sincere and fair; and adhere to the highest ethical standards, always.



We like to treat everyone the way we wish to be treated.



We like to approach problems in new, innovative ways; conceptualizing and nderstanding a situation, in ways that we have never thought of before.


Over Communicate

We really want to communicate the right things, effectively.



We listen, and then we listen more. We try to put ourselves in your shoes, and we appreciate how hard every job is and the challenges faced can be.



We are obsessed with our outcomes; and have unusually high expectations of ourselves.


Continuous Improvement

We strongly believe that ‘the day we stop improving, is the day we stop growing’.

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