A hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work.

“Google Glass – The biggest success in wearable technology; an amazing piece of miniaturization, and a realization of a dream where technology could usefully augment human capabilities with computing power.”

– John Naughton, The

C-Vision, a certified global reseller for Google Glass, offers smart glasses along with tailor-made solutions that will enhance results in meeting your organization’s business goals. We are a one-stop platform where we offer solutions that will leverage efficiency and boost productivity.

Why C-Vision?

“A reliable partner with highly qualified teams, extensive experience, integrity, and out-of-the-box solutions.”

Why Google Glass?

“A proven product, having gone to work in multiple industries and helped them improve efficiency.”

Innovative Solution Practice

Our focus today is on engineering and delivering business solutions at “Speed, Scale and Agility” based on core competencies in IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, Engineering and Specialized/ Managed Services. We have a strong focus in strategic solutions in Wearables, ML, AI, and Blockchain.

Our practice at C-Vision strives to meet the critical needs of our customers, who are trying to adapt and keep pace with the technological changes. Over the last 3 years, we have done work in the areas of wearables (augmented reality), machine learning/ artificial intelligence.

C-Vision has successfully built and deployed augmented reality based solutions using wearables for processes with in Supply Chain primarily in Logistics/ Warehousing. We have leveraged select wearables from the industry and adapted them to enterprise processes to improve productivity & safety, enhance data accuracy and process compliance.

C-Vision has partnerships with both Google and VUZIX in delivering wearable solutions to its customers.  Automotive, Supply Chain and Healthcare are the top primary areas where we have delivered solutions and have achieved significant development success. Solutions delivered include, but not limited to, use case development, architecture enablement, prototyping, deployment and ongoing support. Other use cases include integrating technologies like Alexa and workflows, and CMS to deliver turnkey solutions in specific areas.

What to expect?

Perfect Ecosystem

Domain Expertise| Human-driven workshops| 24/7 Maintenance support| Continuous improvement

Consulting Services

Given our experience in the emerging technologies in the recent years, and mainly from the engineering perspective with respect to wearables, we have significant experience in how applications or devices can be re-engineered to fit organizations’ business requirements. This is also our primary key area where we have embarked and built our space in. 

Results oriented

Bring maximum efficiency, Eliminate errors and 100% approval and acceptance from users.

Our Success Stories

C-Vision has worked with several companies in successfully providing them with solutions; our customers have seen outstanding results that are reflected in positive figures and employee satisfaction. C-Vision wants to extend this success to more organizations, by offering holistic and customizable solutions that meet your specific needs.


Distribution Warehouse operations involve transferring of Parts from source to destination locations and maintaining inventory to meet customer demand. Current handheld units with manual input of function keys impact productivity, introduce safety concerns and lead to higher costs & process overheads.

Success Story

Validated Warehouse key operations with SmartGlass solution.

Deployed an AR enabled Google Glass solution with integrated ring scanner and enterprise-grade security

Production runs conducted for key Warehouse operations 

Back-end integration with SAP ERP to process real-time confirmations as operations are executed

Built and enabled custom features – context-based keyboard, scanning engine – to simplify user experience

Outcome & Metrics

Improved data accuracy
Productivity metrics are being monitored
Safety concerns addressed, Reduced long term injury risk of current process of holding handheld unit over entire day

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