Case Study


Leading North American consumer lending bank


Modernization of consumer lending business processes to achieve velocity in implementing and deploying business requirements


Current state analysis and target state domain-driven architecture by de-composing existing monolithic application into multiple CORE domains, Supporting Domains.

Data and Portal Development – In a phased manner, developed an Angular based Mortgage application management Portal that integrates with Spring Boot based API Gateway layer to aggregate all the data from multiple microservices.

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of various FinTech vendors to support an end to end workflows of consumer lending mortgage applications management

Recommended a BPM Re-Architecture wherein existing IBM BPM based BPM workflows can be embedded within the MicroServices and be cohesive

Established target state architecture with Supporting Domains integrating with FinTech products, CORE Domains managing the business events with defined bounded context and also publishing business events for other CORE Domains to process further.

Spring Boot, Kafka, DevOps tools, Spring Boot MicroServices stack, Oracle, Angular, Angular Material are part of the overall technology stack

DevOps, Real-Time Events Management, Cloud Native, 12 Factor App, Event Storming, Domain- Driven Design Bounded Context, MicroServices Design Patterns are some of the principles/ paradigms/ practices embraced in the target state architecture