Embedded Software Engineer

Posted 11 months ago

Job Description: Build, test and deploy products using a combination of both native Android components and frameworks components. Create APIs to allow external partners to interact with Android platform. Develop Linux kernel device drivers, libraries, inter-process communication device trees, and Linux build environment. Implement interrupt and exception handling, multithreading, memory management and caching mechanisms specific to Android and Linux. Provide development experience with Android frameworks (services, JNI, native services, native libraries, HAL) and Android local unit tests and instrumented tests. Perform troubleshooting of complex issues including scalability and performance issues, memory leaks, memory corruption and kernel panics. Develop applications to interact with API endpoints using REST, JSON and Protobuf. Provide software programming development using Java, C++ and C. Responsible for the design and architectural decisions of services and applications. Elaborate, estimate and design for small increments of work just-in-time. Work with product team on new product ideas, designs, prototypes and estimates. Work with SCM tools including Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, JIRA. Swarm around tasks along with other Scrum team members.

Work Location: Various unanticipated work locations throughout the United States; relocation may be required. Must be willing to relocate.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: Bachelor – Computer Science or Electronic Engineering (will accept foreign education equivalent)

Experience:  Five (5) years

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